Gabe Bratton Hall gives vintage fabrics — lace, brocade, burlap — a second life as luxurious metal jewelry, casting the delicate textures and patterns into gold, silver, and bronze designs. Her couture pieces combine the detail of the original fabrics with the luster and durability of metal for a bold, romantic look. In addition to bridal adornments — think an elegant gold hair piece made from mom’s lace — Gabrielle creates everyday wear that spans from finely textured bangles to structured collar necklaces, a show of intricate craftsmanship and modern style.

The Idea

Using the lost wax casting technique, fabrics are cast to create one of a kind pieces of jewelry and instant heirlooms.

Style & Quality

Gabrielle Jewelry pieces have been admired for their ability to be worn from day to night. They effortlessly transition from classic jeans and a t-shirt to a formal gown.

Pieces are cast in solid bronze, sterling silver, and 14K gold.

100% Handmade

Each piece is designed and made completely by hand. We take the time to work with the fabrics and make sure they translate to a beautiful piece of solid jewelry while maintaining their delicate look.

All of our designs are handmade in San Francisco, CA and Raleigh, NC.


BRONZE: Bronze is created by melting two different metals, copper and tin. It is the nature of bronze to change color. It is an unpredictable metal, and the original cast color can range from a very light, almost golden color, to a very dark bronze (but will change over time). It creates a more suble and earthy finish.

Care: Can be polished at home with any soap and a hard bristled brush. Dry evenly with a paper towel.

STERLING SILVER: Sterling silver will give a very bright, white finish.
Care: Can be polished and cared for at home with regular silver polish, the same as any

sterling silver piece.

GOLD PLATE: Can be either sterling silver with a heavy gold plating (vermeil) or sterling with a light gold plating (antiqued gold plate). The antiqued gold plating is more vulnerable to tarnishing. The vermeil will hold up well in good care.

Care: Avoid contact with perfumes and lotions. When traveling, carry in a soft and protective case.

14K GOLD, 18K GOLD, and WHITE GOLD: Will give the traditional yellow look of gold (with the exception of the white gold). We highly suggest custom pieces being done in 14k gold, 18k gold, or white gold as it will give monetary value to something that already has sentimental value, and create an instant heirloom to be passed down throughout the years.